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NVMS Art of the Ages Printmaking Exhibition 2014

By Mr. Justin Mew on May 13, 2014

Submitted by Art Teacher, Mr. Jeff Tam.

The Printing Press was one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 15th C. As time evolved, artists have used the medium to their advantage in creating,
documenting, and narrating history.

As the 2013 school year began, Principal Mew emphasizing his 3 A’s: Academics, Athletics, and the Arts, inquired how he could help our Department. He then
surprised us by deciding to invest in an Intaglio Press that I requested. Master Jedi (as the students call him) Mew was convinced the students would benefit from the printmaking process that is uniquely driven with time delays and reflective thinking. You see, when students decide to make an intaglio print, it is not simply a drawing. They were equipped with twisted metal scribes that could penetrate the surface of 1/4 inch plexiglass. In turn, this process, otherwise known as Drypoint, greatly replicates the artist’s gesture of drawing. Students have to adapt to applying correct pressure and cross-hatching techniques to develop value and texture to their work. Once this is completed, they must learn to apply ink to the image. The plexiglass is then wiped and placed on the press bed. Finally, the image is covered with paper and cranked through the printing press. The results are often a puzzling and serendipitous. Sometimes the print appears muddy with too much ink or over wiped without tonal value. But students are resilient to make improvements and refine what they are passionate about. They figure out methods and develop ways to make each print tell their visual narrative.

Enjoy the Prints!!

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