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Posts from February 2014

Niu Valley Middle Principal Mew Appointed to Henry J. Kaiser High School

By Mr. Justin Mew on February 24, 2014

After a selection process, which included discourse with an interview committee, our Principal and Head of School for the past eight years was appointed as Principal of Henry J. Kaiser High School.  His official start date is today. Mr. Mew will continue to implement the International Baccalaureate MIddle Years Programme (MYP), Years 4 and 5, which enables Niu Valley Middle students to complete the 5-year MYP. Additionally, Principal Mew supports the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for Grades 11-12. Academic programs continue to expand: Advanced Placement (also known as "AP"), AVID, CTE, and the Media-Communications Learning Center.  In keeping with the IB Foundational Principles, Mr. Mew is a staunch supporter of holistic education, which includes strong programs in the Arts and Athletics. He addressed the Kaiser High School student body and faculty through a video which was produced by the Kaiser Cougar Network, a branch of the learning center.  This is a link to the video:

ManageBac (“Manage Baccalaureate”) Launch Upon Us

By Mr. Justin Mew on February 04, 2014

ManageBac, an on-line system, is the world's only IB software designed for planning, assessment and reporting in the IB continuum.  Access forms will be distributed through your child’s Communication Envelope on February 5, 2014. The forms are to inform you regarding acceptable use, to provide ManageBac/us with your contact information, and to obtain your permission. For your convenience, the Documents Tab of this website has a fillable PDF file (filename: Access to ManageBac). Additionally, the form may be completed on-line with ManageBac.

Please complete the appropriate form and return it to our school through your child’s Advisory teacher.  The turnaround time for access is ten working days after submittal. Please contact the Niu Valley Middle School IB Coordinator Mr. Kent Miyashiro if you do not have access after ten days.

Once accessed, ManageBac will show you the following, unique to your child:
• Important dates for classes
• Summative scores using IB scoring and rubrics
• IB report card (hardcopy distributed with DOE Year-end Report Card).

Be on the lookout for workshops for students and parents on the use of ManageBac. Participation in the use of ManageBac is optional.

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