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Hawaii DOE Statement on “Pono Choices”

By Mr. Justin Mew on November 12, 2013

Concerns have been raised regarding an approved sex education class called “Pono Choices.” This course is in compliance with the Board of Education’s abstinence based sex education policy, and is a program developed by the UH College of Education's Center for Disabilities Studies. 

Pono Choices promotes "abstinence" as the preferred way of birth control and STD prevention. As it is a sex education class, and may be considered “controversial,” parents are notified about the course. "Controversial Issue" letters are sent home (alternate activities provided), a parent workshop is offered and more than one teacher is present during lessons. Parents are provided information and a preview of all 11 sessions, so they can  know what will be covered and make an informed decision on whether or not to opt out of the class. Every year some students opt out.

Misinformation is being circulated that this course promotes homosexuality.  This is not a class about gay sex or one that promotes it. 

Here's the link to the website on Pono Choices:

This Niu Valley Middle School website has posted a Press Release from the University of Hawaii on Pono Choices. Click on "Documents." The University of Hawaii contact person is Dr. Kelly Roberts at (808) 956-2303.

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