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Here you will find the latest updates on special events happening at Niu Valley Middle School.

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Hawaii Youth Symphony

February 14, 2017

Mr. Fanning conducted the Hawaii Youth Symphony's Concert Orchestra at Windward Mall on February 12, 2017.  Several of our students are in the Youth Symphony and were part of the performance:  Mia C, Derya HS, Kevin K, Cora L, Jonah M, Anna S, Nanami Y, and Chloe Y. 

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NVMS Percussion Performance

February 13, 2017

Mr. Morita and his percussion students participated in the Hawaii Day of Percussion held at Roosevelt High School on February 10, 2017.  Student Soma S. also performed with the "Percussion All Stars" group!

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Finals for the State Science Fair

Congratulations to the following students for being promoted to the Finals for the State Science Fair: Ryan N:  "Cutting Through the Haze" Skye E:  "Alkaline Batteries:  Poisoning the Environment?" Niccolo H:  "Native Hawaiian Plants that Prevent Water Runoff" Katrina K:  Medicine Dispenser Assistant (MDA):…Read More

Career Day Choice Survey

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Complete this online survey by the deadline- Friday, February 17th @ 3pm. If you fail to meet the deadline or fail to complete the survey properly, you will automatically forfeit your right to have any choice in your session topics. Click here for the survey. This survey will allow…Read More

The Custom Company (School Uniform Vendor)

Free delivery service to the school available on Wednesdays from the last quarter. -If you are not in a rush and would like to pick up your uniforms at NVMS, The Custom Company will be having free delivery service to NVMS during the last quarter of the school year. -View…Read More

Document Requests to NVMS Office Staff by Students

-If you require current grades, transcripts, or other school information for your private school application or other event applications, students - please practice your effective communication skills and politely and courteously request the documents you would like to be processed by the office. -You may also ask for Records…Read More