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Here you will find the latest updates on special events happening at Niu Valley Middle School.

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Noted Composer Brian Balmages Dedicates “Spirit of Aloha” to Niu Valley Middle School Band

July 12, 2014

Having a memorable and professionally inspiring experiences in working with the Niu Valley Middle School Band Ohana, Composer Brian Balmages contemplated on a personal way to thank the students, teachers, and parents of Niu Valley Middle. Baltimore Crab Chips didn't do it. Neither would Chocolate Burgers, which he presented after the last rehearsal in Cedar Rapids. Inspired by our student-musicans response to his work, by their warmth in…

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He Hit a Home Run

July 12, 2014

Composer Brian Balmages was commissioned by the ASBDA Foundation to compose a score for the 2014 ASBDA 60th National Convention. Mr. Balmages took his inspiration from high school friend and astronaut who is on the International Space Station. Intrigued by the sounds of metal disks clanging in a baggies while floating in space, inspired by the launch of the space shuttle--anticipation, lift-off, G-Forces, orbit, and interested in the work of…

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Baton Gifted by Mr. Lloyd Nakahara to Student in Historic Event

Band conductors use a variety of educational strategies to have students meet musical goals. In the case of guest conductors, students need to adjust to a different style of conducting. During a rehearsal in Hawaii, Mr. Nakahara asked students to compare the difference between two starting moves. Students were perplexed,…Read More